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Afeltra Premium Italian Pasta

Why buy it

  • Top quality fresh tomatoes picked at the right time within their natural harvest season
  • Without preservatives and additives added
  • 100% made in Italy 


Whole peeled "San Marzano" tomatoes, tomato juice, salt.

Cooking suggestions

You can use these peeled tomatoes to prepare a simple and tasty tomato sauce or a more elaborated pasta sauce like a traditional bolognese sauce, sauce with fish or a vegetarian ragù. Moreover they are perfect to prepare the base sauce to top your pizza or stew dishes.

Did you know?

The "San Marzano" tomato variety from "Agro Sarnese-Nocerino" area, within the Campania region, is certified as a DOP product. 

The DOP denomination is a quality warranty that ensure that this specific tomato strain is grown in a specific area in the south of Italy with specific soil characteristics and weather conditions, according to traditional methods.

Harvesting and eventually the packaging also need to be done following a strict and specific regulation to finally guarantee the unique organoleptic qualities of these tomatoes.

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