Poldo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Poldo Oleificio 

Poldo was born as a company specialized in the design and implementation of green areas both public and private.

However, the company funder has always been passionated about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its production. This passion led him to develop a successful activity of olive trees cultivation and extravergin olive oil production.

"Poldo" is dedicated to produce excellent extra virgin olive oils and to provide an in depth information about the wonders of this food product.

After harvesting, olives are processed within 24/36 hours using a three-phase centrifuge machinery with knives. During the extra vergin olive oil production the temperature never exceeds 26/27 degrees celsius, not to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

"Poldo" produce excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oils from different olive varieties.

In 2012-2013, the “monovarietale di coratina” was acclaimed as one of the best extra virgin olive oil of the Marche region and won national and international awards.