Carla Latini - Premium Artisanal Italian Pasta

Carla Latini and her Pasta 600.27

Carla Latini is an Italian entrepreneur dedicated to the production of high quality artisanal pasta, for the last 25 years. In 2014 she developed a new project, the creation of a new excellent Italian pasta brand, signed with her name and conceived to please even the most demanding gourmands.

This pasta brand is called 600.27, where 600 represents the number of the durum wheat varieties that Carla Latini got to know throughout her life and 27 is the number of Spaghetti formats that she produced over the course of time. Among these 600 wheat varieties, she selects the top-quality ones, the most perfumed, colored and tasteful, to produce her Pasta 600.27.
These durum wheat varieties come from the clay and rich in minerals soils of Marche and Umbria regions and from specific area of Puglia.

All different pasta formats she realizes are bronze drawn and carefully dried at low temperature for a period of time which is specific for each pasta format.

These processing techniques preserve the nutritional properties, the organoleptic characteristics and the protein integrity of the top-quality wheat varieties that Carla Latini chooses to manufacture her pasta.

The result is an excellent and healthy pasta that after the cooking process is homogeneously cooked, finely and pleasantly "al dente", flavored, tasteful and with a persistent consistence in your mouth. Pasta 600.27 will perfectly absorbs your sauce in a passionate embrace.

Carla Latini invites you to enjoy the intense aroma of warm soft inside of bread that you can smell during the pasta cooking process in boiling water.

To really appreciate the quality of Pasta 600.27, Carla Latini suggests you to taste it first without any seasoning, after you can add some excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil and taste it again when it gets a little bit colder.

Our suggested shapes:

Strozzapreti Pasta
Trenette pasta

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