La Cucina d'Autore - Artisanal Italian Pasta Sauces

La Cucina d'Autore Padova

La Cucina d'Autore

“La Cucina d’Autore” is a small artisanal gastronomy shop founded in 2011 by Manuel and Marica, driven by a common passion for cooking and for Italian gastronomy.

La Cucina d’Autore is located in a little town in the province of Padua, in Veneto, northern Italy.
Everyday Manuel and Marica prepare different dishes with a different style to please even the most demanding gourmands and they have quickly gained the trust of their local costumers.

When you enter their little shop you have the opportunity to see how they prepare their recipes as there is an open-style laboratory. 

Besides typical Italian dishes that can only be consumed locally, they also produce preserved Italian sauces that are really delicious.

Their pasta sauces recipes are exclusively elaborated with high quality fresh ingredients according to seasonal availability without using any hydrogenated fats or any preservatives.

La Cucina d'Autore sauces, are prepared with an high amount of the main ingredients and with the same amount of product you can use an higher quantity of pasta, that will be perfectly flavoured.

These pasta sauces contain the simple and high quality ingredients which characterize the healthy and tasty Italian daily cuisine.
The pasta sauces "Cucina d'autore" are packed in glass jars which guarantee the best preservation conditions without altering the sauce taste.

With NotOnlySpaghetti these local italian delicacies, 100% natural, will be sent directly to your table. Discover all their different sauces recipes on our catalogue.

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