Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

"Il Conventino di Monteciccardo" is a producer of excellent wines and extra virgin olive oil. Passion, enthusiasm, professional competence, respect of the territory and hard labor are the main driving forces of  "Il Conventino" activity.

They are eager to continuously increase the quality of their products through the research of new improvements.
Their main objective is to bring the excellence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your table.
Their extra virgin olive oils won several national and international awards and "Il Conventino" is among the best extra virgin olive oil producers in Italy.

They produce Blend and Monocultivar extra virgin olive oils and all of them have an high amount of polyphenols. These compounds provide the oil with peculiar flavours and are essential to determine some specific health benefits effects of extra virgin olive oil.
Discover these precious gems of "Il Conventino di Monteciccardo"


The factory is located in the north of Marche (central Italy), in the territory of Monteciccardo in the province of Pesaro Urbino.

With an area of over 60 ha, in a hilly area where the altitude is 300 meters, the proximity to the sea and the microclimate contribute to forming a perfect habitat for growing olives. 

Land and cultivation techniques 

An area of 20 hectares is cultivated with about 7,000 plants of three different types of native olives (Raggiola, Ascolana tender, Rosciola) and two national-type (Leccino and Picholone). 

The plantation is provided with an automatic watering system hooked to a weather station, which is automatically activated and brings a balanced water irrigation and minerals to the entire cultivation.

The use of pesticides is minimized thanks to the placement of pheromone traps and to a regular laboratory sample analysis with electronic instruments. 

Harvesting is done using a vibration shaker which doesn't cause any demage to the olives.

Oil Production

The milling takes place the same day of olives collection. The extra virgin olive oil production process includes:

  • leaves remover
  • washer
  • hammer crushers
  • kneading atmosphere
  • decanter centrifuge  

Il Conventino produces single-variety oils characterized by low acidity with a high number of aromatic substances and antioxidants (polyphenols), which are a concentrate of health and flavor.
We suggest some of theses products that are really exceptional :