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Our Goal: Provide the best italian food products online.

Italy is a country with a strong food tradition and where eating is a daily pleasure.
Each region has a peculiar food identity and Italians, from north to south, deeply care about the quality of the food ingredients. 

Eating good and healthy is a daily habit and simplicity must rhyme with quality.

This project was born because we want you to discover Italian food at its best :  products from passionate local producers that care about producing genuine food, respecting the nature.

Discover with us the real flavor of premium extra virgin olive oil and its health benefits, high quality artisanal Italian pasta, a real bless even with the simplest Italian sauce. When we are chasing after the best flavor, we are chasing after the best ingredients and the best Italian food products.

We believe that once you experience the unique and genuine quality of our food collection you will find out that you can make everyday a special day. 

We believe that everyone should access quality ingredients and discover new flavors. 

We would like you to share and embrace our values: enjoy quality food products, improving the daily nutritional habits, supporting local farmers and the environment without renouncing to a fair price.

We are convinced that time has come to take care about the quality of our food to take care of ourselves and for a better environment.

We exclusively select producers that share our values. 

Some items included in our catalogue are in limited edition since their production depends on seasonality and availability of the primary ingredients. Behind our product selection there are real people driven by their passion of their job and aiming to bring on the traditions and the unique flavors of their territory.

NotOnlySpaghetti truly care about offering quality food, giving the chance to small artisanal producers to gain visibility and to promote their excellences.

Producers of Italian Food products