An Italian Experience : Pasta and Italian sauces now!


An Italian Experience : Pasta and Italian Sauces

We (my youngest son Francesco and I) finally made it! 

Got back home from our tiresome train journey, famished. Lunch! What on earth am I expected to prepare at this time of the afternoon? Suggested Pasta with Extra-virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese. No way! Was his categorical answer. 

So I opened the kitchen cupboard and rummaged through to see what I could rustle up. A miracle I thought, considering the time of the day, and my son yelling at me “Mum I’m hungry” .

Finally came across a packet of Afeltra artisanal pasta, paccheri to be quite honest, and a glass jar of Sugo "la Cucina d’Autore" typical home-made mushroom and pea sauce.

Being rather sceptical at first, eventually convinced myself it was worth a try, but you never know as mama’s boy only appreciates home made cooking!
Believe me kids always tell the truth when it comes down to their pasta, no margin of error allowed, no short cuts.

Unscrewed the glass jar of mushroom and pea sauce, which left a fresh, sweet fragrant aroma – wow inviting! Hope for the best!
The attractive glass jar could come in handy to use for pickling later…
Poured the sauce into the pan,and gently heated it for a minute.

Cooked the pasta according to the instructions on the packet, “al dente”.
Then added the drained pasta to the pan and stirred to coat with the sauce. Hey presto! Done.

Divided the paccheri into two bowls, and waited for the verdict. Absolutely delicious. The consistency, aroma and taste, a success indeed.

Just can’t wait to try the other varieties of Afeltra pasta and La Cucina d’Autore sauces, to choose from. I’ll take some with me on my trip back to the UK, and see what my family think of that!

by Adriana Tenan

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