Artisanal fruits juices or Fizzy drinks?


Artisanal Fruit juice


We all know that fizzy drinks are bad for our health, very little taste, full of artificial flavourings, E1 type colourants and packed with sugar. Hence zero nutritional value - even if they do look appealing.
It is also held responsibile for type 2 diabetese, tooth-decay, obesity and other health related problems.

Even scientists have warned about the high-fructose corn syrup in fizzy drinks have now turned their attention to industrialized fruit juice. Which to choose? Neither.

Artisanal Fruits Juice or industrial ones

The best option artisanal fruit juice of course.

"Pierre Dolce al Cuore" - a small family-run business in the heart of the Marche Region (Italy) driven by a passion for excellence and an assured quality every time.

All fruit juices are made from 100% whole, fresh, seasonally ripened Italian hand-picked organic fruits, (straight from trees), selected from local producers.
Quantity availability limited depending on period, always guaranteeing freshness. No preservatives or stabilizers used, thus ensuring the utmost standard and authentic flavour every time.

If you want to get more taste, what's your best choice? Artisanal fruit juice. Whole fruits, no or little sugar added.

Say stop to added sugar !

Beware, industrial fruit juices may not be wholesome as once believed.
There is an increased risk of type 2 diabetese and obesity. It's as bad as cola drinks. It's lost its claim to healthiness and is put into the same category as fizzy drinks.
In fact industrial fruit juice isn't the same as intact fruit and contains as much sugar as many classical sugary drinks.

The fruit industry has long enjoyed a healthy image relying on phrases such as "100% pure" and "pure squeezed".
But 220 ml fruit juices contain 34 gr. of sugar, about the same as a 330 ml can of coke. This really will have an influence on consumers.
Furthermore, even in the UK there is a proposal of a sugar tax of being imposed.

Make the right choice, drink less, and spend a little more. Always aim at the quality, you will feel healthier and your body will thank you.

By Adriana Tenan

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