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Plan you next trip to Italy

Whenever you travel in Italy you can be rest assured that lodgings will not be an issue. Keep in mind that this is among the biggest destinations for tourist in the world, so there's a healthful helping of hotels, villas, inns, and B&Bs to select from. You might be on a spending budget, you might want to live in luxury, you might want to experience Italy at home of an Italian or you might be traveling in an organization and prefer to remain at a place which will host everyone.
All the biggest international hotel chains have a location in Italy, so if that's what you prefer then there'll be lots of choices - particularly in Rome. 

Throughout your vacation to Italy, you'll find that there's something to fit everybody's needs. To fully experience Italy on your holiday it is suggested that you stay in a little bed and breakfast if you can. Nearly all these are family run and you will hear a myriad of stories, tradition and little known facts which may not be in any one of the guide books you can have with you on your Italy holiday. If you are traveling in style and you are seeing Venice, you might want to consider staying in the Novecento Boutique Hotel. It's a chic bed and breakfast that's family run and offers luxurious accommodations. 

Half a hour from the airport and providing free internet providers, this hotel is modern, but still retains the old Venetian feel to it which will be valued by even the most discerning visitors. It is fairly close to many of Venice primary attractions and with only 9 rooms, it is more suitable for small groups or pairs. The majority of the rooms have antiques gathered by the owners through their very own world travels, and the bathrooms are specifically large. This is the perfect location to stay if you're in Venice for the Italy vacation. If you're visiting Florence, you should think about staying at a location called The Artist's Residence. 

Florence is the seat of Italy creative soul and this bed and breakfast is the ideal place to encounter the renaissance. It's in the center of old Florence and is furnished with nineteenth century sculptures created by Giovanni Dupre. The present owners of the bed and breakfast are his descendants. You'll find original florentino tiled floors and even the bar counter was a confession from 1500 AD. Some rooms have terraces, and you might be capable to see the courtyard gardens from your terrace.

If you plan to travel to Italy in the next months we suggest you to visit the website of Comptoir des Voyages en Italie which offer some interesting package. They also offer the possibility to visit some cities with a local (Greeter) that will give you the best place in town where to eat as italians do.

Enjoy your trip to Italy

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GOliva, Olives in a luxury suit August 21 2016, 0 Comments

Olive Ascolane

Down at the beach, singing along to “It’s my Party – I’ll Cry if I want to“ (by Lesley Gore 1963) and so happy, and suntanned.

Just wanted to organize a dinner party but without too many strings attached, a snacky type of thing, urban style, family and friends only. Then it just struck me, good job I bought  and stocked up with the whole range of Goliva Ascolana stuffed olives

Arancini, street food from South Italy August 21 2016, 0 Comments

Arancini Italian street food

Arancini is one of the most widespread culinary symbols of Southern Italy, and of the nation’s street food culture.

Arancini are stuffed rice balls which are coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried. They are usually filled with meat and tomato sauce (ragù), mozzarella, and peas.

A number of regional variants exist, which differ, depending on filling and shape. The name in English means “little oranges”, derives from their shape and color, which is suggestive of an orange after cooking.