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Vehicle credit: Should we finance more with the bank or with a dealer?

If this year you decided that yes or yes you will become a vehicle owner, one of the main aspects you should consider is the financing of the car you will have. In Peru, many choose to buy a car in cash, which, according to experts, is not the most appropriate option because cars are goods of rapid devaluation.

Another group chooses to request financing and can choose between requesting it on credit from a financial institution or through the financial institution with which the concessionaire works and / or the chosen brand. But which of these options is more convenient? Although they are very similar, there are certain differences that might interest one sector more than another.

One of the points in favor is that the credit can also be requested for used cars

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On the other hand, in case of payment problems you have the possibility of accessing a more personalized negotiation, since in the end the bank is a financial entity that specializes in such cases.

On the other hand, dealerships launch exclusive promotions that they can access by requesting direct financing with them. These promotions range from obtaining a year of free insurance to the possibility of paying 50% of the car and canceling the rest the following year, as well as maintenance and other benefits. A drawback is that many times these promotions are valid only for certain models, which forces you to spend more.

An important point to consider is credit evaluation

An important point to consider is credit evaluation

In some cases the concessionaire is more flexible than the banks, accepting clients that they have rejected, while in other occasions a very good credit rating is required to access the mentioned promotions. Who qualifies best, will depend on the bank or dealer you choose.

Finally, if one of the options requires you to take out life or unemployment insurance, it is important that you evaluate the total cost, so that you can really verify how much the car is costing you with that option. Remember that before choosing, it is ideal to compare the available alternatives, that way you can choose the one that suits you. To do so, you can use the Leportersys vehicle credit comparator.

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