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Basically, there are two ways to the new car: the lease and the car loan. With a car loan, you can easily buy a “new” used car, often with a valid manufacturer’s warranty, so you do not have to pay for the value of the car yourself. uncomplicated repayment of the old loan. However, it is usually advisable to secure the cheapest car loan from our comparison and then pay the vehicle in cash. So you can negotiate high discounts and still buy the car in installments. Further editorial at

Car purchase without advance payment – how it works

Car purchase without advance payment - how it works

Can you finance a car without advance payment? The vintage is broken, a repair would be too expensive, but for the way to the workplace you need a ride. If you need a new car in such cases and do not have enough financial resources, you are welcome to resort to a financing offer.

Whether car loan, balloon or three-way financing: Usually, an upfront payment of up to ten per cent of the total amount is required. Can you buy a car without depositing a deposit? What to look for and where can you buy a car without prepayment?

If you want to pay for a new or used car without pre-payment, you should first obtain a conventional loan offer from your bank. To do this, you first appear as a cash payer at the retailer and negotiate the purchase price – you can usually calculate with large discounts. The loan is then paid on a monthly basis.

This makes it possible to buy a car without paying an upfront payment.

This makes it possible to buy a car without paying an upfront payment.

Although the conditions at your bank are usually slightly worse than a bank, if you agree to buy the car in installments without advance payment, you can avail of major discounts. In the motor vehicle bank, however, it is usually based on the list prices, which makes the purchase of a car without advance payment more expensive.

You can also take out a loan from the principal bank if you want to buy a car without making an upfront payment. In this way, the lender wants to compensate for the lack of collateral, ie the missing down payments. For a car purchase and a financing offer without advance payment, you must also pay the full purchase amount during the contract period.

Anyone who buys a car without advance payment and completes vehicle financing must expect that the bank will only apply for a loan if it can demonstrate good creditworthiness. Similar to buying a car without advance payment, however, you have to calculate with worsened conditions.

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